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Rental units:

Rental properties and their owners often have unique needs and we work with each customer to match our services to their wants. For some who live a distance away, we become the property manager, taking care of any problems that arise from light maintenance work, to buying supplies to stock the condo. For others, we provide regular cleaning services

In addition to the cleaning services we provide, we also offer the following:

Bungalow House with Front Covered Porch
  • Washing linen
  • Making up beds
  • Providing linen for condos upon request
  • Weekly walk throughs
  • Delivering keys to guests
  • High dusting
Weekly walk throughs to check for damages (leaky pipe), do light dusting, etc. for insurance purposes
Laundry services available. Either in house or taken away and brought back.
Hold keys and codes, make sure parking passes, pool keys, linen, etc left out
Make up beds
On call if a guest has a special need
Let in repair men